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Teen SRC/Bronze Courses 

OGSLSC always runs SRC/Bronze course for teens each December, around 10th – 15th.

2024 dates TBC

We offer SRC and Bronze Medallion during this period. We won’t be offering the new Bridging Bronze this season – SRC holders aged 15+ should enrol for standard Bronze Medallion.

There is a pool prerequisite to pass, before you can start the course proper. For Bronze you have to do 400m in the pool within 9 minutes (that’s 16 laps of the BASC pool). The SRC requirement is a bit more lenient: 200m within 5 minutes. Winter is a good time for pool training!

Adult SRC/Bronze Medallion Course

Aimed at adults/parents wanting to assist with Nippers water safety or patrol. There is a pool prerequisite to pass, before you can start the course proper. For Bronze you have to do 400m in the pool within 9 minutes (that’s 16 laps of the BASC pool). The SRC requirement is a bit more lenient: 200m within 5 minutes.

SRC course is less intensive than Bronze, with 16.5 hours face to face, 1.6 hours self -paced plus the assessment.

OGSLSC always offers an Adult SRC/Bronze course in October each year, and sometimes another around February. Cost is around $100 for OGSLSC members.

Silver Medallion Patrol Captains (SMPC) Course

Provides participants with the skills, knowledge, and experience to
manage a beach. Recommended for all Patrol Captains.

Pre-requisites: Min. 17 yrs old (on day of final assessment). Current Bronze plus one patrolling award.

Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd March 2024

8am-4.30pm each day, at OGSLSC

Resuscitation (CPR) Course

For First Aid and ART awards to remain current, this course must be done every 12 months.

Friday 29th March 2024 at OG


First AID / ART Course HLTAID009-015)

Every patrol requires at least one person holding this award. It is also a prerequisite for professional lifeguards, and for many other fields of employment.

Upcoming dates TBC

SSV Driver course

This is the new award allowing members to drive an ATV. Course takes 4 hours.

Sunday 19th November 2023

IRBC/IRBD courses

IRB (rubber ducky) Crew and Driver awards, both awards run together in same course.

24th, 27th & 28th January 2024


For IRBC, the prerequisites are: Hold current Bronze Medallion, be at least 15 years of age.

For IRBD, the prerequisites are: Hold current Bronze Medallion and IRBC, hold current Victorian Marine Licence, be at least 17 years of age.

 Registering for courses

Access LSV-From-Anywhere via your SLSA Members Area account. For teens doing an SRC or Bronze course, they need to log in to their own SLSA Members Area account. In some cases, the teen will not yet have an account in their name (just a parent’s). Do not register in a parent’s name!!

So create an SLSA Members Area account if necessary https://members.sls.com.au/SLSA_Online/modules/register/index.php Name, email and mobile needs to match exactly what we have in our database. Problems can occur if the teen’s email address is not recorded in our database (ie the parent’s is listed). Feel free to give the office a call on 5255 1382; Anna can edit the email on the spot so that it matches. Alternately, just use the parent’s email address when creating your account.

Login to the SLSA Members Area. Then select elearning, which will direct you to a LSV Member Training From Anywhere account. Here, you will be asked to login again – use the exact same details as for your Members Area. If this is your first time logging in you will be asked to supply personal details at this point.

You’ll know you’re in the right spot when the URL/browser bar says ‘https://mt.lsv.com.au’.

Make sure you are logged in as the person wanting to enrol, not a parent! Check the name at the top of the screen. This is often an issue for eg teens trying to login to book a course. Sometimes a device retains the cookies for a previous login – in this case, logout via the red button at the left side, and login again.

Go to New Awards. Find the right course at OGSLSC, starting on the right date. Enrol. A course prerequisite window will pop up. Click on the ‘Proceed’ button at the bottom. You may need to disable pop up blockers (Google ‘disable pop up blocker’ for help). In some browser versions, some people can’t see a ‘Proceed’ button. Try updating the browser or using another browser eg Edge or Firefox.

Once enrolled, you will have the opportunity to complete your online learning components, referring to your PSAR online manual. Hit the blue Launch button to commence.

For SRC/Bronze courses, SLSA has now released the PSAR Manual as an online doc. 

Go to clubs.lsv.com.au, login using your Members Area login details. Then go to Resource Library/handbooks and Guides/Member Training and find the manual link.

Even if places are still available in a course, registrations will automatically close 48 hours prior to course start.

More trouble shooting:

If you can’t see the course available, check your ‘My Account’ section in Member Training, to check that your home club is set to Ocean Grove club.  ‘Club ID’ at the top should be ‘OCG’. If it’s NOT showing this, call or email LSV, 9676 6980 or volunteertaining@lsv.com.au and ask them to edit your Club ID to OG. If you can’t see ANY options, it’s possible you have a browser problem – it’s worth trying another eg Chrome or Firefox.

Maybe course registrations haven’t opened yet?!

If you find that you need to pull out of the course (possibly you’ve registered accidentally as the parent, not the teen), call or email LSV, 9676 6980 or volunteertraining@lsv.com.au. Unfortunately we can’t help you with this at the club admin level. We appreciate you doing this asap, so that it frees up a space for another person.








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