Lifesaver events provide individual and teams of members the opportunity to demonstrate in a competitive manner the physical, lifesaving and knowledge skills required of a lifesaver. They also show how they work as a team to perform some or all of the skills associated with surf rescue patrol work.  It provides an alternate pathway for those who may want to focus on the key lifesaving skills as opposed to other surf sports areas.

Events include Champion Life Saver, Champion Patrol, First Aid competition, Rescue and Resuscitation, Belt & Reel and March Past.



The Rescue and Resuscitation (R&R) event, in its different forms, provides the opportunity for SLSA to demonstrate in a competitive manner, the original and developing methods of rescue as well as the modern techniques of resuscitation. There are various age divisions as well as a variety of procedures and formats which are aimed at combined patrol procedures, and an introduction of the younger member into the field of rescue and resuscitation which is, after all, the prime reason for SLSA’s existence.

The various formats the R&R competition takes are:

5 Person: Team consists of five competitors – one acting as patient, one as beltman and rescuer and the other three as reel and line operators.

2 Person: Team consists of two competitors – one acting as patient and the other as rescuer.

6 Person: Team consists of six competitors – similar to 5 Person, with the sixth competitor utilising the rescue tube as an assistant to the beltman in the rescue.

2 person R &R events start at Under 10 / Under 11, and go through to Under 15. Teams are not gender based, and can be mixed girls / boys.

5 & 6 Person R&R event commences at Under 15  and goes through to Open age, and there are men’s, women’s and mixed team events.


Belt & Reel – 2 person
Sundays prior to Nippers Training sessions

Rescue and Resuscitation
Tuesdays prior to Iron Training sessions

March Past
To be confirmed

Champion Life Saver, Patrol and First aid – training will be conducted as part of patrol.

For more information, please contact Lyndie Freestone




Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club receives donations from locals and visitors alike, to continue to maintain a safe beach environment for swimmers, surfers and beach goers.   With these vital donations we are able to continue to offer our community services, water safety and education programs and provide facilities for our community and memberss.
Every donation you give saves countless lives.




9AM - 5PM

Please note, outside of these hours the phone may be answered by volunteers, who may not be able to assist with all enquiries.

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