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RT Edgar Virtual Rip to River


Racing from 26th Dec 2020 - 8th January 2021

This year is very different, so to match that we are running the Rip to River differently. It will be virtual this year so that we can keep up the tradition of the 41st Rip to River race but as always it is about participation, enjoyment, having fun, being healthy and active. Bragging rights are still up for grabs between friends and families and with your fellow competitors. This is a year to have a go, to see if you can do it, to see how fast you can go, or see how active you can be.

Due to COVID the race will be spread out. You can do it anywhere at any time, with anyone. The race period is over two weeks, from the 26th Dec (the day after that big Xmas feast) till 8th Jan. This gives you the chance to do it multiple times if you like, to see how you go and if you can go faster the next time. You can submit new times every day as you get faster, for the single registration fee.

This is normally OGSLSC's biggest fundraiser of the year, but as we all know this year is different, so we won't be going for the big fundraising targets. This year our focus is on you, on participation, enjoyment, being healthy and active. The best things about the Rip to River is people: the people you meet, the people who help out, the people who give it a go. This year is about you.

To encourage everyone to get out and to be active and healthy and to have a go, all the normal race categories are still here to test you all: we have added a few extras so everyone can have a go this year in their own time, in their own space and most importantly to be active, health and involved:

Friday 8 January - There was a technical issue with RN API to the system, which prevented some entries being sent their email for time submission.

The error was fixed and as such runners had until the 10th to submit their times.

We hope everyone has a go at this great event and in the process helps support Ocean Grove Surf Lifesaving Club

Rip to River Results

For those who normally assist with setup, packup, handing out bibs, serving food drinks and checkpoints the best part is you all now get a chance to do the Rip to River for the first time in 41 years, get out and enjoy yourself


Why are you having a virtual event?
Due to Covid-19, we are expecting ongoing mass gathering restrictions in Victoria, and so we are unable to safely plan for the running of our events and so you don't miss out we have created this exciting virtual version.

Why not run it in later in 2021?
This has always been a summer event over the New Year Period so we are sticking with tradition (virtual tradition). Moving it to later in the year may have been an option but we don't know what restrictions would look like then either, so this way you can enjoy your running and supporting the club at the same time. Also it is traditionally the period where a lot of people have the spare time to get out there and run

What is a virtual event?
A virtual event is where competitors complete the set distance (1.4km, 5km, 10km 20km) at any location and then lodge a valid time electronically.

How do you register?
Same as all the other years, we have kept this the same to make it easy. A registration link will be on our website and in the emails we sent out

When will registrations open?
Registrations open December 28th and close 5.30pm on the last day of entry 8th January.

I don't live in Victoria or Australia, can I still enter?
Absolutely. Entries are open to anyone. Challenge your friends, your family, anyone you can. Let's see who the farthest person away who participates is

What are the event prices?

The Entry fee is $10 which covers the costs of the registration and recording system and promotion of the race and a small donation to the club to help support the club moving into this crazy season

Can I do my Run at Ocean Grove?
You sure can, or you can do it anywhere,
If you are heading to the beach we are working on some signage on the normal beach course so that you have some markers, these markers will be shared before the race period starts but we encourage everyone to check the tides, and follow the instructions around any plover nesting sites that may appear

What do I get for my entry?
$10 entry provides for recognition of event participation in this unique virtual event. You get to add your time to the participant/leaderboard, plus marking your spot in history, street cred, bragging rights, you name it. You get virtually everything (get it?!). There are randomly drawn prizes for entrants.
And then there is that feel good moment when you realise you are supporting Ocean Grove Life Saving Club.

Upload a photo/video of your run ?
Because we can't see you do it like we normally do, we want you to share it with us.
We want to see the funniest outfit, the strangest place, the best location and we just to see everyone out there having a go, young, old, tall, short it doesn't matter, so long as you are doing your best, being active and healthy - that is all we hope for.
Upload your pics to Insta or Facebook and use the hashtag #riptoriver
Random prizes are on offer for sharing

How do I get my T-shirt?
T-shirts will be distributed after the event is completed This enables us to make sure we only print the exact number of tops needed, reducing costs, reducing waste (good for the environment). These will be mailed out after the event. We expect these to be delivered late Jan.

How do I record my race time while running?
Plan an appropriate course and then complete your race and either manually record your competitive time or if you have a GPS enabled device, record your “competitive” distance/time and then enter/upload via the link that is sent to you.

How do I officially lodge my race time?
Within a few days of registering, all entrants will be emailed a link to enter their race time. Time data can be manually entered or GPX data can be uploaded. All times must be entered prior to January 8, 2021 to be eligible for validity and entered into the random prize draws.

Can I lookup my or my friends entered time?
Yes, bragging rights are huge this year, results are uploaded live to the 2021 Events results pages. See the Links on the pages.

What constitutes a valid time?
All entrants will be emailed a link to enter their race time. The time entered must be above the minimum times for the run. Your competitive time must be undertaken between December 26th 2020 and January 8, 2021 with times officially lodged prior to January 8 to be eligible for validity and entry into the random prize draws.

When can I complete the virtual event?
You can complete your virtual event and upload your “competition” time any time between December 26th 2020 and January 8, 2021.

Can I update my time with a faster time?

Only if it is true, only if it is a faster time, you can upload your faster time via the link - up until the closing time. Max. two updates per day.

Will there be Event Placegetters?

There will be no official placegetters for this virtual event, this as always is about participation, enjoyment, having fun, being healthy and active, But bragging rights are still up for grabs between friends and families and with your fellow competitors. This is a race to see how fast you can go.
The reason for this due to the inability of competitors to fairly replicate the uniqueness of our courses. Compete to stay fit, have fun, and support our volunteer lifesavers.

What are the event rules?
Keep fit, have fun and encourage others friends, family, colleges to enter and compete virtually; Train and compete safely and be Covid-19 safe. Entry is at your own risk so please be careful where you race. Valid time entries are required for results recognition into our systems; Refer to your own doctor for specific medical advice. Follow all road rules. No cheating yourself which means no scooter, bikes, ebikes, hanggliders, rollerblades, handcycles, green machines or Segways allowed.

How is the Race Category Age calculated?
Categories are based on the ages as at our pre-covid event dates. January 2nd 2021


Previous results

Race results 28 December 2019

Thank you to all entrants in our 40th Rip to River!