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How to renew your membership

Memberships for the 2021/2022 season will open on 1 August 2021.

Please wait till then to apply and pay!

For 2020/21 and 2021/22 pricing and categories, see Membership/Membership Fees.

There is no pro-rata discount if you join/renew late in the season (but you are still welcome to do so!).

Scroll to the bottom for 'How to...' / Help documents

Individuals aged over 13:

For all membership categories including Social, please log into your SLSA Members Area account and renew your membership. You will have set up an account when you applied (if you first joined within the past few seasons). If you've forgotten your username, you can contact Anna McDonald (Admin, 5255 1382) to check what it is.

  1. Individuals: Click on 'Renew' and follow the prompts to renew your membership

  2. Family memberships (including couples): The primary member must log into the Members Area. Follow the prompts to renew yourself. As long as you have a family group set up, it will then invite you to simply tick the boxes for other family members (leaving any out, if you choose), and tick the declaration. You can create or edit family groups in the Members Area. More details below.

  3. At the end of this process you will have an opportunity to pay with a credit card. OGSLSC fees are listed on the Membership/Membership Fees tab of this website, and also on the Members Area. You have to manually enter the amount (since fees and categories differs from club to club). Your renewal will NOT be actioned or processed until payment is made. Unpaid renewal applications will be rejected after a few months.

If you don't yet have an SLSA Members Area Account, please use the following steps.

  1. Go to the Surf Life Saving Australia Members Area and at the bottom, 'don't have a Members Area account yet? Click here to create one'.

  2. Enter your first name, last name, date of birth, gender and identity confirmation method (mobile phone number or email address). These details must be EXACTLY the same as the details you have in the Surfguard database. If you have trouble with this step please use the contact form below to email Anna McDonald.

  3. Click next, then enter a username and password for the account, then click Next.

  4. You will receive a confirmation email or SMS with an account activation code.

  5. Enter the confirmation code and click on 'confirm account'.

  6. You will be logged into your new Members Area account.

  7. If you never validated your account when you first applied to join, you will need to 'Click here to resend confirmation code'. Then 'Click here to enter your SMS confirmation code'.

Family group function

If you have been set up as part of a 'family group', the primary member should log in and renew themselves first. You'll then see everyone listed and will be able to tick to renew memberships (leaving out some, if you choose). To add a member they have to apply on a different site, see below. Tick the 'Declaration' box. You will have a chance to edit personal details. If you are part of a family membership, only one ('primary') member over the age of 18 needs to set up a portal account. This is the person who needs to log in and renew everyone. Note that once a family member turns 13 they set up their own account so they can manage training for and requalification of awards eg Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze Medallion. They can remain listed under the primary member's account as part of a family group.

You'll have a chance to make a payment at the end. OGSLSC fees are listed via a link on the right side of this website page and also on the Members Area. You have to manually enter the amount (since fees and categories differs from club to club). Your renewal will NOT be processed until payment is made.

Please make sure that Working With Children Check details are up-to-date for all members over 18 years of age and that WWCCs are renewed every five years.

If you have problems with Family Groups please refer to page 8 of SLSA Members Area User Guide for detailed instructions and further information.

Please note that if you have a pending request at the club, eg if you renewed your own membership before setting up your family group, you will not be able to set up your family group until your pending request has been actioned at the club. If you think this has happened to you, please use the contact form below to email Anna McDonald.

To add a new family member (eg. a child turning 7; spouse who till now has not been a member)

1. Renew primary member via Members Area

2. Renew other existing family members

3. Pay for family

4. Then, go to to join up the new family member.

5. Once they have been accepted by OGSLSC as a member, you can add them to your family group (see above)

Long service / active reserve

Please fill out the form to the right of this page and submit it at the next Board meeting for consideration.

Competition/Training levies

'How to' / Help documents

These documents include screenshots that might help if you're having trouble!

More Information

If you are not able to renew online, hard copy membership forms can be picked up at OGSLSC. The office is open 9am-5pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. There is a $30 fee per membership for paper-based renewals.

All members aged 13-30 are expected to hold a Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion and patrol at least 16 hours per season. If a family member is turning 13 by Sept 30, they should gain their award at SRC/Bronze Week, a six-day intensive course just before Christmas. The course includes all meals and manual and costs approximately $350.

Membership enquiry


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