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Working With Children Check (WWCC)

WWCCs are FREE for volunteers

ALL members over 18 must meet WWCC requirements before their membership can be accepted, with the following exceptions:

Lifesaving Victoria requires all members who are in contact with children, in the provision of a service or activity, to obtain a valid WWCC before joining a surf life saving club. This includes police and teachers who are normally regarded as exempt under the Act. The reason for this is that only organisations listed against a person's WWCC are immediately notified of any convictions etc.

If you are unwilling to undertake this check and list OGSLSC on your WWCC, we cannot accept your membership application.

For further information about WWCC or to apply online, please go to the Working with Children website.

If you already hold a WWCC for another volunteer organisation, you must update your details online at Update Your Details and 'add organisations' Ocean Grove SLSC and Surf Life Saving Victoria. Create a MyCheck account if you don't already have one. Be sure to enter the surf club's postal address: PO Box 486 Ocean Grove 3226. The Department of Justice notifies the club via a hard copy letter, after you have updated your details (hence the importance of the correct address). Your membership will not be processed until we have confirmation from them.

You or your child cannot commence club activities until you have received an email from us confirming your membership.

How to Complete Section D: Details of Child-Related Work

Question 11. List the area(s)

Use the following code:

First code:



42 (Clubs & Associations)


Volunteer X

How to complete Section E: Details of Organisation/s

Question 12. Which organisation(s)

Name of Primary Organisation:
Insert details of Ocean Grove SLSC

Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club
PO Box 486
Ocean Grove VIC 3226
Phone: 5255 1382

Name of Other Organisation:
Insert Life Saving Victoria Details

Lifesaving Victoria
200 The Boulevard
Port Melbourne VIC 3207
Phone: 9676 6900

What else do you need to do?

An assessment notice will automatically arrive at OGSLSC within 10 working days. Assuming membership application and payment have been done, we'll finalise your membership application and you'll then receive an email from the club confirming your membership.

You or your child cannot commence club activities until you have received an email from us confirming your membership.

If faster processing is desired, provide a copy of the volunteer application receipt and a copy of MyCheck screenshots (showing the two organisations listed, and your card number and expiry) to


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