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Surf Sport

The OGSLSC Surf Sport program is for those children looking to extend their surf lifesaving skills. The Surf Sport program is a fantastic way to keep fit, make new friends and get to the beach every weekend.

As a lead into the Surf Sport season the club usually runs 4 training sessions at Ocean Grove Pool (BASC) in August from 11am - 12noon. New members are welcome and encouraged to join these training sessions as they provide an excellent introduction to Surf Sport. Nippers will be required to pay pool entry. If you are new to the club, please join online following the steps provided on our how to join page.

Summer training for Nipper Surf Sport is held at the beach every Friday night from 5.30 - 6.30pm and Sunday mornings from 10.00am - 11.30am commencing on 9 October 2017 through to 10 March 2018.

Training consists of water activities such as boards, swimming and wading as well as beach activities such as sprints, flags and relays.

Surf Sport Nippers are encouraged to represent the OGSLSC at various carnivals during the summer season which is a great way for Nippers to test their skills against other Nippers, as well as have a lot of fun. Junior Carnival dates are listed on the Nippers calendar.

All Surf Sport Nippers are expected to complete the Surf Ed Program.

At the first Surf Sport session your child will complete a preliminary swim assessment by a qualified assessor from the Club. The swim requirements for Surf Sport Nippers are as follow:

  • U8 & U9 - 25m swim (any stroke) and 1 minute survival float
  • U10 - 25m (freestyle) and 1.5 minute survival float
  • U11 - 50m swim (freestyle) and 2 minute survival float
  • U12 - 100m swim (freestyle) and 2 minute survival float
  • U13 - 150m swim (freestyle) and 3 minute survival float
  • U14 - 200m swim (freestyle) and 3 minute survival float

To sign up for Surf Sport you will need to join the club. There are a few membership options to meet your needs:

  • one parent one junior activities member for $275
  • one parent two junior activities members for $315
  • two parents and all children under the age of 18 for $345

Please go to how to join for more information.

Additional costs include the Surf Sport levy of $30 and a $75 board levy (plus refundable $100 deposit) to cover the cost of maintaining the boards. All Nippers must wear a pink rash vest during training, which can be purchased from the uniform shop for $25.

Carnival entry fees

We ask members to pay for carnival entries up front (or soon after), once you decide to enter. We will invoice for any unpaid carnival entries as entry info is sent to us by LSV, but we hope not to have to do this at all this season!

2017/18 entry fees (including $2 admin charge):

Standard carnivals $26

States (Junior, Senior and Masters) $39

Aussies 2018 normal entries cost $109 (including $2 admin charge).

All Nippers must wear a competition cap at carnivals which can be purchased for $20 from the uniform shop.

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