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Fairhaven Carnival Details

See at the bottom of the page for all Anglesea Carnival details and team lists.

Team App

We are commencing a move to Team App for notifications. If you don't already have it, download Team App from the App store, search for Ocean Grove SLSC, and use "settings" to request access to "Senior Surf Team" and, if you are an U14 parent, "Transition Squad'. Its a pretty easy process!!

Once installed and in the right group you will begin to receive text notifications via this app.

Aussies Entries

Entries for aussies are now open - please reply as soon as you can. We need to determine transport costs and processes. Numbers need to be finalised !!

2017/18 Senior Training schedule

The training program has been updated and now runs until Jan 26.

There may still be adjustments to the schedule as January is a complicated month!

Please note:

  • change to swimming times (we begin at 7.30am for January)
  • addition of an extra iron session on Thursday morning
  • return 4.45 start for evening sessions
  • addition of sessions for those guarding. There is some overalap with swiming but at least you have some options!
  • The current training program is attached at the bottom of the page in PDF form.

    Contact Sonia Kinsey 0419 313 342 or Bruce Sampson 0413 135 917 for more information.

    NOTE - for Melbourne based competitors, sessions run at Williamstown at 6.00pm on Tues, Weds and Thurs. Contact Bruce Sampson for details.

    Season Information:

    Carnival Fees 2017-18:

    We ask members to pay for carnival entries up front (or soon after), once you decide to enter. We will invoice for any unpaid carnival entries as entry info is sent to us by LSV, however this season we expect not to have to chase entry fees at all!
    2017-18 Regular, IRB & Pool Carnival entry fees (including $2 admin charge):

  • Standard carnivals including Enduros $26
  • State Championships $39
  • Craft Storage and Demolition of Clubhouse

    As we gradually get closer to demolishing the clubhouse, we ask members to remove personal surfcraft if they are not being used regularly.

    Downloadable File Resources:

    OGSLSC training program 25 Dec - 26Jan.pdf (375.58kb)

    LSV Competition Calendar as of 17 Nov.pdf (64.38kb)

    Fairhaven Carnival Teams - Male.pdf (381.64kb)

    Fairhaven Carnival Teams - Female.pdf (380.76kb)

    Fairhaven Carnival Teams - Double Ski.pdf (393.33kb)

    Fairhaven Carnival Details.pdf (404.86kb)

    Fairhaven Carnival - Program.pdf (348.62kb)

    Fairhaven Carnival - parking map.pdf (180.2kb)

    Fairhaven Carnival - LSV Circular.pdf (65.9kb)

    Competitor Numbers (28 Dec).pdf (47.28kb)