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State Teams

For those competitors interested in trialling for state teams, read the the LSV circular by following the link below:


Wieland Shield Team

The Wieland Shield Team is the Victorian Surf Team which competes annually against the California Lifeguards. If this interests you see the circular:


2017/18 Senior Training schedule

  • Training at Kardinia Pool: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays, 6am-7.30am
  • Board training at OGSLSC: Mondays & Wednedays at 4.45pm
  • Ski training at OGSLSC: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 4.45pm
  • Board paddling at 'Signposts' 13th Beach: Fridays at 5.30pm (from end November)
  • General training: Sundays at 9.30am

Contact Sonia Kinsey 0419 313 342 for more information.

Season Information:

Carnival Fees 2017-18:

We ask members to pay for carnival entries up front (or soon after), once you decide to enter. We will invoice for any unpaid carnival entries as entry info is sent to us by LSV, however this season we expect not to have to chase entry fees at all!
2017-18 Regular, IRB & Pool Carnival entry fees (including $2 admin charge):

  • Standard carnivals including Enduros $26
  • State Championships $39
  • Craft Storage and Demolition of Clubhouse

    As we gradually get closer to demolishing the clubhouse, we ask members to remove personal surfcraft if they are not being used regularly.

    Downloadable File Resources:

    Endurance Championships - LSV circular.pdf (191.56kb)

    Endurance Championships - Course Information.pdf (820.08kb)