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Coaching update

Thank you to everyone who has applied for coaching roles to date.† So far the roles filled are as follows:

Under 8ís & Development Group Ė Adam Foord

Under 9ís & 10ís Ė Bengt Carlson

Under 11ís, 12ís & 13ís Ė Corey Niessink, Scott McNaughton, Amenah McDonald & Chris Hayes

As you can see we are still looking for more volunteer coaches at the U/9ís & 10ís level but also very importantly the U/8ís and Development Group.

Again, you donít have to have had previous coaching experience to volunteer.† If you surf you could very well be a great board technique coach or share experience of reading waves and rips that will give kids confidence.† You may be be doing a university course and coaching could fill some requirements or you may not even have kids at nippers but have valuable experience that you could give and teach kids regarding surf life saving.† Thereís nothing more rewarding than watching these kids develop and grow.

If you think you have something to share with our kids please let me know via email (darrenball37@bigpond.com) or give me a ring on 0413 600 344.

The season is getting closer so get on board,

Darren Ball

Junior Activities Manager

Confirming Surf Ed dates 2017/18

Session 1: Wednesday 27 December 2017

Session 2: Thursday 28 December 2017

Session 3: Friday 29 December 2017

Session 4: Saturday 30 December 2017

Session 5: Tuesday 2 January 2018

Session 6: Wednesday 3 January 2018

Seeking Nipper coaches for 2017/18

I hope some of you will consider taking on a position as a Nipper coach this coming season. We donít expect new coaches to instinctively know what to do - the club will be providing comprehensive training to build skills and confidence. Anyone whoís been a junior coach will tell you that the personal rewards can be enormous.

This letter provides more information. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries that you may have.

Seeking missing Nipper boards

Last season was fantastic with over 200 nippers attending training, carnivals and the Surf Ed programs. We are looking to improve all programs in many ways.

Unfortunately, one of our major issues, particularly at training and during Surf Ed, is the lack of equipment, specifically boards.† An audit of fibreglass and foam boards shows that there are at least 6 foamies missing, and a large number of damaged fibreglass and foam boards.

I believe it will be hard to justify more board funding by the committe when we havenít shown that we can look after and care for the boards that we have.† Obviously the cost of repairs will detract from the funds available for new boards, which ultimately means fewer boards for the kids to use.

My aim is to have as many kids in the water on boards as possible at any given time, not waiting on the beach.

Please, if anyone has a club board can you arrange to return it to the club and notify Brendon, Simon or myself so it can be added to the list.† If anyone would like to discuss any of the above issues please contact me.


Darren Ball