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Event Safety

The R T Edgar Rip to River is an enjoyable run of relatively short distance, however proper precautions before and during the run are of paramount importance. Train for the event; don't try to be a one-day-wonder.

We have a qualified first aider at every drink station as well as a roving 4WD dedicated to providing medical attention. All have radio communications to the OGSLSC for emergency purposes. A medical team is located at the finish line.

Make your run enjoyable; prepare properly and run wisely!

Hot weather advice

In the event of hot conditions on race day, be sure to:

  • Adequately hydrate. Sports Medicine Australia recommends athletes drink 500mls before activity, 200mls every 20 minutes during activity and more than they feel thirsty for after activity (at least 500mls).
  • Adjust your expectations. Run to finish, not to run your fastest. Depending upon the heat, you may need to slow your pace considerably.
  • Pay attention to your body. Heed the signs of heat injury. If you feel nauseated, dizzy, disoriented, headachy, or if you stop sweating, STOP RUNNING. Find shade if possible, cool yourself in the ocean shallows, or seek medical attention from a drink station, roving 4WD or other runners who can relay your situation to the nearest race official.

Race cancellation / rescheduling

In the event of hazardous weather, the run may be shortened to 8.6km (deleting the 1.4km section past the finish line) or cancelled and run on an alternate day.

Hazardous weather applies particularly to hot weather conditions where the run organisers will follow the Hot Weather Guidelines as set by Life Saving Victoria. The decision to modify or cancel the race will be made on the morning of the race.

Hazardous weather may also include severe thunderstorms, heavy rain and strong winds.

The alternate race day in the event of the race being cancelled will be advised. All original race day entries and fees will carry over.

No refunds are made in the event of a race modification or cancellation.