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COVID-19 Updates

Feb 12th: The club is currently closed during the latest lockdown, we are still suppling patrols and supporting ongoing lifesaving services, this will be adjusted as the restrictions change

As of 1 December 2020:

Due to the restrictions in place, some of the club still has restricted access. This is being reviewed constantly.

Office staff are working remotely or when in office working to strict covid requirements. Please email any enquiries (including membership) to

COVID19 has impacted our club and community and it will continue to for the foreseeable future. We are working hard to deliver benefits to our members and working towards a season full of activities while operating within the COVID restrictions and DHHS and LSV guidelines.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this challenging time. Our not-for-profit organisation will likely be impacted as a result of the pandemic and we appreciate your ongoing support.

Our board are in ongoing communication with Life Saving Victoria to understand ways we will be able to operate successfully. The club is working through a COVIDSafe plan that meets DHHS and LSV guidlines, this will allow us to open the club in stages as restrictions ease

There are numerous components to this COVIDSafe plan as you can imagine, as LSV and ourselves work through this constantly changing process. Different club activities have been broken down into separate components so we can work through how to deliver those components as a priority. We can now share that the club is allowed to undertake the following activities

Every single one of these activities comes with its own mix or rules / requirements and number limits that everyone has to abide by, and we hope you will work with us on these items. You will be updated accordingly as these develop. Some of the rules may seem strange or unnecessary to some, but rest assured they are all necessary and need to be undertaken to allow the club to open and to be able to stay open and specifically to help keep you, our members, your friends, family and community safe

LSV permitted activity guide
LSV has developed an activity guide to help guide members as to what we can and can't do under the current restrictions, this is updated weekly as things change

There is also session plans available on The clubs teamapp and the LSV sports forum

LSV Covid Documents

What has changed and how do I access the club?

There is new signage across the club and before you enter you must sign in and answer some health related questions to ensure you are well and healthy (refer below).

There is also a person health check that should be undertaken each time before you attend the club

If you have attended the club and you are identified as a close contact or test positive to covid you must notify the club

To Access the building

You must follow all the current DHHS guidelines, stay home if you are unwell, wear a mask, sanitise hands, social distance etc, there is signs at every entrance to remind you of your responsibility

We must track everyone who accesses the building, So you must sign in that you have accessed the club

This is done via a QR code or accessing a web address, then simply follow the prompts to sign in, there are signs located at every entry to the club

When accessing the club, even if it is just to grab a board, you must scan in so we can maintain contact tracing. If you don't have a phone you can ask others to scan you in, once you have scanned in there is the option to sign others in. Parents can check themselves in and their children. There is no excuse for not following this and it is a mandated requirement by DHHS

Craft storage area

The gear storage areas is to be used to store members personal boards and skis, there is to be no standing in the area or storage of personal items.

You must sanitize your hands and only touch your own equipment.

First Aid and Emergency response

As has been the case the whole pandemic period, the first aid room is accessible for emergency response via a patrolling members fob in case of emergency. This is still the case, but you must advise us if you use this area (the contact details are on the whiteboard).

What is not open or accessible yet?

We are working through the requirements around these other areas and activities and hope to open them as we can safely


We are working towards still running the Holiday Surf Ed Nipper program, but at this stage it will look a little different as you can understand, as we have to work through the guidelines that have be supplied by LSV. We encourage you to keep hitting the water and will keep you informed via the team app group. Check out the nippers page for the latest updates

LSV latest health updates and advice
The latest information, resources and links will be posted here to assist in providing Life Saving Victoria (LSV) members and stakeholders with the most relevant and up-to-date information regarding COVID-19.

Information is changing quickly, we take advice from the Federal Government through the State Government's Department of Health and Human Service (DHHS) and will use their information for the most up-to-date advice. For the most up-to-date information, including the latest government advice and updates, visit the DHHS website or the Victorian Government's health alert page.

Webinars and development sessions
LSV is also running a number of webinars and development sessions, including a session each Monday lunchtime on mental wellbeing. Please see further details


Support in Challenging Times:
With the pandemic's ongoing impact on our lives,including work, personal and volunteering, our mental wellbeing will become an even greater challenge. Make sure you check in and stay connected.
If you or other members need help during this time, we encourage you to speak with family and friends, and you can call the support services below:

If you would like to talk to someone now, you can contact:

National Coronavirus Helpline | 1800 020 080

You can also access a number of other National help lines and websites

Support groups and online forums; talking about what's going on with others who understand - or may be going through something similar - can really make a difference.

Our friends at Black Dog Institute have a list of support groups in every state and territory that can help you connect with groups of people who meet regularly to discuss their experiences, their problems and their strategies for coping.

The Beyond Blue online forums are also a great way to connect with people online, in a safe and anonymous environment, to discuss anxiety, depression, suicide and a range of life issues. Anyone in Australia can participate in discussions, connect with others and share their experiences with our community.

If members or individuals have any immediate concerns for their own or others wellbeing, we recommend seeing a local GP. Welfare resources are available via including information on talking to younger members, and immediate response to trauma/loss.