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Bronze Medallion

ADULT Bronze Medallion Course Oct/Nov 2017

Ocean Grove SLSC will host an Adult Bronze Medallion course during October and November 2017.

New Members, new Nipper / Surf Sports parents who are wanting to become more involved in club activities, this is a great opportunity and place to start!

We completely understand that as adults everyone has work / children/ other commitments that can make extra activities difficult to attend. As such we do strive to be as flexible as possible with our training schedule to help make this work for you!

Dates: Info session Sat 14th October 2017, with sessions commencing Saturday 28 October - Please refer to information pdf available here

Price: $100 including manual; $70 without manual. Price includes hoodie.

Click here to enrol now

For further enquiries please contact instructor@oceangroveslsc.asn.au


JUNIOR Bronze Medallion/SRC Course December 2017

Sunday 17 - Friday 22 December 2017.

A 6-day intensive course, 7am - 7pm each day. All meals are included in fee (TBC).


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