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Skills Maintenance (Requal)

To remain eligible to patrol and compete, members must requalify their awards yearly, at the start of the season. All expire on 31 December, eg. requals done in late 2020 for 2020/21 season will expire end December 2021. SLSA gives a grace period of four years in which a lapsed award can be requalified. After this period, the award must be completed from scratch.

Online theory completion is required for SRC, Bronze Medallion, ART/AID, IRBC and IRBD candidates.

Please make sure that you complete your online theory component and BOOK IN ONLINE for the practical component. For the 2020/21 season, NO-ONE who has not done this will be accepted for the practical component.

Skills Maintenance registration is via Member Training from Anywhere .The good news is that once you've set up a Skills Maintenance from Anywhere account, you can now access it via your Members Area account: eLearning>Login to eLearning. For family groups, only the Primary member can access theirs through the Members Area. Once other family members start gaining awards they should set up their own Members Area account, which will allow them to keep track of their own awards and patrol hours. They can still remain in their family group on the database.

If a member already has an LSV Member Training From Anywhere account set up, but NOT an SLSA Members Area account, then you'll need to create an SLSA Members Area account. Create one with exactly the same username and password as your Member Training From Anywhere account. It may help to use a different email address to the family account's email address. Try editing it to a different email, if you're having issues. Contact admin@oceangroveslsc.asn. if you're having troubles.

If a member doesn't have an LSV Member Training From Anywhere account set up, then just go ahead and create an SLSA Members Area account. You should then be able to access an LSV Member Training From Anywhere account by logging into your Members Area account.

November 2020: The Members Training from Anywhere portal is running extremely slow and may take a long time to load the available sessions (8 minutes seems common). LSV is aiming to fix this asap.

If you're experiencing a drop out of skills maintenance activities mid way, try logging out, then back in. It should have saved your earlier work.

District Requals 2020/21

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, group sizes will be strictly limited to 12. Approximately 50 sessions will be offered across our District in November and December 2020 to allow all members an opportunity to requalify.

Skills Maintenance dates, Geelong Area

Another Skills Maintenance session is being offered on Sunday 15 March at 9am, at OGSLSC.

The online theory component can be completed at any time (Step 1) however you won't be able to 'book a practical' (Step 2) until LSV has uploaded the session dates, approx 23 October.

'Provide CPR' HLTAid-001 updates are not available after requal sessions this season.

Note that the CPR component within the SRC/Bronze requal is NOT equivalent to 'Provide CPR' HLTAid-001, for the workplace (including lifeguards) and for trainers.

Detailed instructions: 'Be Ready for Requal'

Access LSV-From-Anywhere via your SLSA Members Area account. Go to eLearning. If this is your first requal (eg you did your SRC or Bronze last year) you will be asked to supply personal details at this point.

Go to Skills Maintenance. Find eg Bronze Medallion (*then repeat whole process, for other awards you hold). Enrol, then Launch. You may need to disable pop up blockers (Google 'disable pop up blocker' for help). You will move through some info and watch videos about PPE, mental health awareness, radio operations, resuscitation etc then you'll go through your theory test, 36 questions. You can Save & Exit, and come back to it later. Press this button before leaving the Skills Maintenance window, to ensure you don't lose your place and have to start over again. You have to achieve 100% correct responses; but it will allow you to try again with any questions you got wrong. Just at tip re 2020 - there is one question where there are a couple of correct responses and you need to select both.

At the end, click on Save, then return to Skills Maintenance. Click on the 'Book Practical' tab. For your award eg Bronze Medallion click on Find a session. Select Skills to Maintain, then find a suitable date, click on 'Ocean Grove SLSC' then 'Book' green button. If you can't see any Geelong area practicals available, check your 'My Account' section in Member Training, to check that your home club is set to Ocean Grove club. If you think you're not linked, call or email LSV, 9676 6980 or you can't see ANY options, it's possible you have a browser problem - it's worth trying another eg Chrome or Firefox.

If you find you can't attend the practical you have booked in for, PLEASE officially withdraw, as numbers are limited. To cancel, log in to LSV-From-Anywhere, go to My Training and scroll down to find the practical you can't attend. Hit the 'Withdraw' icon. You could then book another practical.

Make sure you then go to My Results (button top right), scroll to Skills Maintenance Theory Certificates, 'Download Certificate'. It helps if you print this (or have it on a device to show us) and bring it along on requal day.

If you need to withdraw from a booked session, or change it, you can't do that yourself online - you will need to call or email LSV, 9676 6980 or

On requal day, complete your practical assessments and get each section signed off on the hard copy requal card. Before you leave, take a pic of your completed card on your phone as back up. Hand your completed card to your club. NOTE if you attend another local club's requal day, take your card home at end of the day then give it to your OWN club's administrator or trainer.