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Beach Patrols

The primary function of the Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving Club is to provide a safe beach environment for swimmers, surfers and beach goers at Ocean Grove. The Club has provided a continuous patrolled presence since 1953.

During the summer months and particularly on weekends and public holidays, Ocean Grove hosts some of the largest surf beach crowds in Victoria. Although a relatively safe beach, due to its gently sloping sand, large crowds and varied sea conditions can provide many challenges to our beach patrols. Nearby, the Barwon river mouth is notorious for the dangerous conditions it can produce for the sometimes heavy traffic of boats leaving the Barwon estuary and heading out to sea. It is not uncommon for club members, during patrol and non-patrol periods, to be called on to assist boats in distress.

The Club provides beach patrols by rostering Active members aged 13 - 30 years and above to patrol squads. These squads are then placed on a roster involving attendance at the beach for a day or weekend at varying frequency depending on the Club's Active membership strength.

Members aged over 30 with current Bronze Medallion are welcome to turn up and join any rostered patrol.

A member's function within a patrol can vary depending on their qualifications and can include first aid, rescue boat crewing, radio room operation, foot and four wheel drive patrols. As well as providing a service to the public, beach patrols play an important role in the team spirit of the Ocean Grove Club.