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Beach Patrol

Ocean Grove Surf Life Saving patrols will commence on Saturday 28 November 2020 at Ocean Grove Main Beach and continue on weekends and public holidays through to Monday 18 April 2021. For all the dates and times, please view the patrol roster on this website.

Australian Lifeguards patrol during the week from late November through to February at Ocean Grove Main Beach and from Boxing Day through to late January at RAAFs.

2020/21 Patrol Rosters are forwarded to all patrollers. See Patrol Roster tab for documents.

Patrol uniforms

Shirt, shorts, cap and hat are issued to patrolling members on completion of their SRC/Bronze Course.

To replace lost, worn out or grown out garments, we charge a small fee below, subsidised by the club. Available for purchase from the clubhouse during office hours.

Tops $10

Shorts $10

Caps $8

Broad brimmed hats/peaked caps $8

Tracksuit pants $15